Cantus Mercurialis is a mixed student choir of the Turku School of Economics. We are constantly looking for new singers, so if you are an exchange or a degree student looking for a choir to continue your singing hobby in, you are very welcome to come and sing with us!

Our repertoir stretches from cheerful drinking songs and pop music to more traditional music, folksongs and classical music. We sing mostly in finnish, swedish, estonian and english, but we also have songs in russian, german, french, italian… We are a farely relaxed choir, but enthusiastic about singing and making our performances as good as possible. Usually we have at least one bigger concert per term and many smaller performances at different events. We also travel together regularily. Our last trip was to Copenhagen on October 2014 as guests of CBS International -choir. In addition we have a rehearsal weekend every term and other fun activities and events like sauna evenings and karaoke nights. On spring term 2015 we took part in Tampereen Sävel (Tampere Vocal Music Festival) where we achieved one silver stamp.

Cantus Mercurialis has a history of over 30 years. For the first 30 years the choir was conducted by Hannu Wuorela. Pekka Nebelung started on September 2013, and from end of 2017 Tommi Penttinen succeeded in position and is currently our conductor. Although our traditions are strongly linked to the School of Economics, todays singers come from all over the university, some also from outside the university. Our choir is a great place to get to know people you wouldn’t otherwise bump into!

You can come check our rehearsals out on Monday evenings at 18:00-20:30. Auditions for new singers again on spring term 2019, on Monday 14th of January at 17:00, at Elovena-sali! Normally we rehearse at “Mercatori”, on the bottom floor of the School of Economics, right by the grand piano. And do not miss out on the chat after each rehearsal in the nearby pub Proffan Kellari.

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